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The Memorial Gift Shop
Regional Products
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Games of yesteryear
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Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises et la mémoire du général de Gaulle
Agrandir l'image Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises et la mémoire du général de Gaulle

In the bookshop / gift shop, you will find a large selection of works on General de Gaulle : biographies, analysis and eyewitness accounts, as well as 20th century military and social history.

Younger visitors will find appealing educational works and DVDs, as well as games and toys and children’s souvenirs, inspired by the guided tours. Finally, for everyone, there are numerous souvenirs from this period of history as experienced at the Memorial: postcards, posters, military objects, key rings, and the Cross of Lorraine, amongst others.

There is also a large selection of regional food produce: champagne jelly, artisan honey, savoury and sweet products, etc., as well as recipes to be shared with family or friends.

The bookshop / gift shop is open at the same times as the Memorial.

Find out about the new coin for Paris specially minted for 2010.
This coin is on sale at the Gift Shop and by mail order.
Please contact the Gift Shop for more information.

The Pennyroller has been available at the Memorial since 8 November 2010.
Personalise a 5 cent coin with motifs such as : the Memorial Charles de Gaulle, the Cross of Lorraine, and the portrait of portrait de Charles de Gaulle associated with the Cross of Lorraine.

Exclusive !

To order a copy of the DVD "Charles de Gaulle et Colombey, mémoires et histoire", print out the order form below and send to :
Order form. 

Mémorial Charles de Gaulle
La Boutique
52330 Colombey-les-deux-églises

To contact the Gift Shop :
Tel. 03 25 30 90 82

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