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Tourism in Champagne Ardenne
Half-timbered houses - Troyes
Agrandir l'image Half-timbered houses - Troyes
Joan of Arc - Reims Cathedral
Agrandir l'image Joan of Arc - Reims Cathedral
Agrandir l'image Champagne

Champagne-Ardenne, your next conquest !

Only 45 minutes from Paris by TGV, the Champagne-Ardenne region
surprises and captivates anyone who visits.
The region’s attractions :
Its fabulous nectar : champagne
• Shed light on the mystery of the bubbles in the monumental cellars of champagne houses in Reims and Epernay ;
• Or visit a vineyard on the Champagne, Marne and Aube Tourist Route.

Its serene nature and enigmatic landscapes
• Admire the diversity of the vegetation and landscapes of this blossoming region of France ;
• Meet its unusual and rare animal population in one of the two regional natural parks (Montagne de Reims & Forêt d’Orient) ;
• Or sail on its 10 000 ha of lakes (Lac du Der) and 10 000 km of waterways (springs in the Meuse, Meuse and Semoy valleys) in the region.

Its tranquil history & its unveiled heritage
• Admire Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO ;
• Go back centuries in the medieval fortress in Sedan, the largest fortress in Europe ;
• Cover the 3.5 km of walkway of the battlements in Langres, a town of Art and History ;
• Or allow yourself to be enticed by the charm of the timbered houses in Troyes, historic capital of the Champagne region.

... Will you be able to resist its charms ?

The Aube
Only a few kilometres from Colombey-les-deux-églises, discover the Aube and its numerous places of interest: the various lakes, the historical centre of Troyes, the Baralbin Country, and many others...

The Aube Departmental Tourism Commission

City of Troyes Tourist Office

Lakes in the Orient Forest

The regional natural park of the Orient Forest 

The Ardennes 

In the north of the region, travel through its undulating, verdant landscapes which stretch as far as the country’s borders.
The Ardennes Departmental Tourism Commission

Château de Sedan 

The Marne 

En route to the "City of the Crowned"... following the champagne route, go to Reims and stop off as the fancy takes you at vineyards which are amongst the most famous in the world.

Marne Departmental Tourism Commission

Reims Tourist Office

Epernay Tourist Office

Montagne de Reims Regional Natural Park

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