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Practical Information

Agrandir l'image Accessibility
Agrandir l'image Accessibility

To allow access for everyone, the Memorial has taken all necessary steps to obtain the "Tourisme et handicap" seal of approval, and is currently working on solutions for the hard-of-hearing (currently awaiting seal of approval).

The Memorial is entirely accessible to persons of reduced mobility. In addition, lifts make it possible to access all exhibition areas.
The Memorial also has an audioguide system for the visually handicapped and the partially sighted to describe the various areas and to give a summary of the contents of each sub-area.

Audioguides are also available for children in French. An infrared system triggers the audioguide at the entrance to each area and gives a simple and entertaining description of the contents of the permanent exhibition.
During the tour, visitors have the opportunity to have a rest on seats which are very different from each other : children’s beds, ammunition boxes and even jerrycans !

For Dutch speakers, there is also an audioguide providing a summary of each sub-area.

All the texts of the exhibition are translated into English and German. An audioguide is available at the reception desk giving a simultaneous translation of the various films in both these languages.

Folding canes (for hire) can be collected at the Memorial reception desk.
In addition, wheelchairs are provided free of charge (subject to availability).

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