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Art History

At school
Historical period:  20th century and our era
Major artistic fields
1. Spatial art (architecture and landscaping)
Artistic resources
  • The Cross of Lorraine
  • The architecture of the Memorial Charles de Gaulle building and its model
  • The rural landscape of Colombey-les-deux-églises
2. Language arts (different forms of writing)
 Artistic resources
  • Letters from General de Gaulle to his wife
  • Newspapers and front pages
  • Historic texts such as the Appeal of 18 June 1940
  • Literary quotes of General de Gaulle taken from his writings (headings in the scenography)
 3. Everyday arts (design of objects)
Artistic resources
  • Objects from everyday life in the 1960s
4. Sound arts (music and sound effects)
Artistic resources
  • Sounds, sound effects, musical ambiances and composition music from the scenography
  • Narration of historical facts
5. Visual arts (scenography, posters, sculptures, paintings)
Artistic resources
  • Scenographic decor
  • Historical poster of the general mobilisation of 2 August 1914
  • Advertising posters from the 1960s
  • Metal sculpture of the Man from Colombey - Download the educational sheet for the work
  • Commemorative drawings from children
  • Photographs
  • Short and factual comic strips
  • Oil painting on canvas 200 x 200 cm/ L'arbre de la résistance by Alexis Frainkin, 2007
  • Oil painting on canvas 322 x 164 cm/ Portrait du général de Gaulle by Félix Cuello, 1980
  • Mixed technical triptych on canvas 140 x 110 cm/ Blue Général de Gaulle by Fabian Edelstam, 2006-2007
  • Fresco collage and acrylic on canvas 120 x 150 cm/ La mémoire de la réconciliation franco-allemande by Gérard Larguier, 2009
 Educational packs are available for teachers to use one or more artistic resources at school and when visiting the Memorial. 

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