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Primary Global Art Project (PAG) - L'art-bre

The Memorial Charles de Gaulle is offering primary school classes a Global Art Project, commonly known as a PAG, in partnership with the Reims Education Authority, the Haute-Marne Schools Inspectorate, the Regional Office for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) and the Champagne Ardenne local authorities. The aim of a PAG is to bring together a set of art projects around a common theme using a cultural structure.

The general aim of the "L'Art-bre" project is to examine a familiar theme for pupils, the tree, by interconnecting the environmental approach with artistic education. Giving priority to sensory experimentation, the project is based on tangible and playful exploration of a wooden medium (on the Memorial site) and the exploration of an artistic project on this theme through the exhibition of William Noblet’s sculptures. Supervised by a visual artist, pupils will then work to produce works using elements taken from nature. 

Grand fossile by William Noblet
Agrandir l'imageGrand fossile by William Noblet
Grand arbre de William Noblet
Agrandir l'imageGrand arbre de William Noblet
Limites de William Noblet
Agrandir l'imageLimites de William Noblet

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