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Multidisciplinary projects
Collège Louise Michel project
Collège Louise Michel project
The Memorial’s Educational Department offers teachers support in preparing their projects, should they so require. By developing a common them or establishing links between various disciplines, they allow teachers to give added meaning to learning and strongly involve pupils.

The multidisciplinary projects develop one or more themes : history and remembrance, citizenship and community involvement, literature, arts, modern languages and media, amongst others. They may ultimately take various forms of expression : writing, oral exposé, play, video, website, etc.
Project with a primary school. « Between history and citizenship ». Ecole Victor Hugo de Bologne, Haute-Marne, 2010-2011.
All 6 classes at the school will come to the Memorial to work on topics relating to the learning of history and citizenship. The Educational 

Department will provide assistance with their project.  
CP classes: Work on the family tree and changing lifestyles through objects from various periods.
CE1- CE2 classes: Introduction to symbols of the Republic using objects featured in the exhibition rooms. Initial view of the war : battles based on reconstruction of trenches and daily life during the Second World War.  
CM1 class: Introduction to the various facets of Charles de Gaulle: the private man and the man of history. View of the Resistance through an educational workshop.
CM2 class: Tour – knowledge assessment. Work on the history of the 20th century through Charles de Gaulle.
Interdisciplinary project« The Resistance : Literary, historical and artistic involvement » Project by the Collège Louise Michel in Chaumont, in collaboration with the Memorial Charles de Gaulle, 2008 - 2009.

Specific teaching methods (TPE, PPCP, ECJS) may also form part of a project at the Memorial Charles de Gaulle.

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