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Educational Services

Educational services

The tours last for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, and are accompanied by a commentary from a teacher from the Memorial’s Educational Department. They provide an overall view of the exhibition rooms. These must be arranged in advance between the class teacher and the Educational Department.


The educational packs available to teachers are tools to assist pupils in museographical areas, which enable them to familiarise themselves with and synthesize the content of exhibitions. In line with National Education official syllabuses in History & Geography and Civic Education, they are divided according to pupil levels : primary (stage 3), lower secondary (3rd year) and upper secondary (5th and 6th year) and vocational courses.  


Lasting around 1 hour 30 mins, the workshops are activities in which pupils go into a theme in depth using research and analysis of documents. They develop analytical skills and critical thinking and place history in context. The workshops take place under the guidance of a teacher from the Memorial’s Educational Department in rooms adapted for group work and equipped with multimedia resources.

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