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The Memorial Charles de Gaulle Educational Department in Colombey-les-deux-églises, in partnership with Nouveau Monde Editions is pleased to announce the release of three initial publications from the collection « L’histoire grandeur nature ». Published as part of the 70th anniversary of the Appeal of 18 June 2940, the 120th anniversary of the General’s birth and the 40th anniversary of his death, this collection is suitable for the general reading public and for young people in particular.

Full of varied illustrations from the Memorial Charles de Gaulle collection, each title relives history by looking into events, people and issues for topics developed. Clear and easily understood summaries are supplemented by explanations for subjects dealt with. Finally, each work ends with four fun pages to make reading more enjoyable.
26 pages, 40 illustrations
4.90 Euros

Download introductory leaflet for the publications

The Appeal of 18th June by C. Toti and S. Thévenot
Agrandir l'imageThe Appeal of 18th June by C. Toti and S. Thévenot
Charles de Gaulle by P. Ratte
Agrandir l'imageCharles de Gaulle by P. Ratte
The Second World War by J-L. Dufour
Agrandir l'imageThe Second World War by J-L. Dufour

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