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"Référents d'Hommes" (Human Referents) by Michel Boussard
L’Homme de Colombey (The Man from Colombey)
Agrandir l'image L’Homme de Colombey (The Man from Colombey)

Sculpture exhibition
1st May - 30 September 2009

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a 2.07 metre sculpture « L’homme de Colombey », created especially for the Memorial. Standing in the museum forecourt, it looks out towards the landscape the General loved so much. The exhibition also presents the reflections of Michel Boussard on the state of the world, in the form of sculptures representing clowns playing with the world : « ça va péter » « It’s going to burst », « équilibre sur le monde » « Balance on the world », « le détrôné » « The dethroned », amongst others. The artist also exhibits a series of works on contemporaries of Charles de Gaulle : Dali, le Mime Marceau, le Petit Prince, l’abbé Pierre, and others. 

The great-grandson of a blacksmith and the son of a metalwork teacher, Michel BOUSSARD was fascinated as a very young child with shaping metal. Obsessed with sculpture, Michel BOUSSARD, this poet who fights using his only sword : steel, dedicates to this material the spirit of doing to impart a spatial momentum to his art and take the aspect of pleasure in the monumental which blends in with the varying geographies of the location.

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