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Les jours sans fin (Endless Days) by Vincent Cordebard
Les jours sans fin (Endless Days) by Vincent Cordebard
Agrandir l'image Les jours sans fin (Endless Days) by Vincent Cordebard

12 October - 31 December 2009 


Comprising four sets of works by Vincent Cordebard, the exhibition « Les jours sans fin » shows almost a hundred frames taken from the documentary film « From Nuremberg to Nuremberg » by Frédéric Rossif. An examination of the relationship between art and memory, the work of the artist poses the central question of the paradox between the inexpressible and the universal, between dehumanisation and humanity.

Containing harrowing scenes of violence, the original images of mutilated, emaciated, dehumanised corpses are reworked by recovering. With Vincent Cordebard’s technical procedure, recovering the frames with ink, pastels and oils, a shift in meaning and a gradual recovery of memory takes place. The work of art then becomes a form of revival of the subject matter.

Through the reconstruction of a contemporary aesthetic quality, the artist invites the visitor to a singular experience, from which emerges inevitable questioning.

Exhibition in association with Frac Champagne Ardenne, and sponsored by Drac and EDF.

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