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Romanin, the other Jean Moulin
Romanin, the other Jean Moulin
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Behind Jean Moulin, a senior official with the prefectural authorities, head of the armée des ombres (army of shadows) hides, under the pseudonym of Romanin, an artist and art lover.

A precociously talented artist, Jean Moulin, took great pleasure in caricaturing his contemporaries, at times providing an incisive and at other times amused look on the world of his time.

In the drawings he published in the inter-war satirical press, Jean Moulin, alias Romanin, cast a discerning eye on the quirks of the political world and the appearance of dictatorships in Europe. The satire is lighter when he portrays women in the belle époque, the world of cabaret and the world of society drawing rooms of the 1930s.

Jean Moulin was also an art lover and keen collector. His collection of canvases include some of the great names in modern art : Dufy, Chirico, Friesz, Survage, Soutine and others. A passion Jean Moulin used in his resistance work, when he opened an art gallery in Nice in 1943 to serve as a cover for his clandestine activities.

The exhibition « Romanin, the other Jean Moulin » presented at the Charles de Gaulle Memorial, brings together 60 of Jean Moulin’s works from the collections of the Musée des Beaux-arts in Béziers.

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