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"Le profil de Pierre" by the Cie de l'Atre
Le profil de Pierre by the Cie de l'Atre
Agrandir l'image Le profil de Pierre by the Cie de l'Atre

Le profil de Pierre by the Cie de l'Atre
Friday 7 May 2010 at 14.00 and 18.30
Performance on the Resistance - Morts sans sépulture (Men Without Shadows) by Jean-Paul Sartre. With Jonathan Raffin - Lucie Lalande - Caroline Rota - Benjamin Combettes - Chloé Albert - Mohamed Messatfa. Lighting by Céline Compain - Videos Carline albert – Directed by Ilène Grange

A group of resistance fighters is arrested following an operation to liberate a village in the Drôme. They are held in a classroom within a disused school, and interrogated by Collaborators of the Vichy regime. The play opens with their conversation. Bit by bit, with a script which is effective and direct, we get to know the characters, amidst their fears ; they know they are not going to answer « the question » and wonder, each in their own way, whether they are going to hold out against the barbarity of the interrogation. Each of them reveals a different identity in their mounting fear. None of them has experienced torture as resistance fighters, and for each of them their thoughts take on distorted proportions, which are nevertheless not so far away from the horror of the punishment. We see that each of them is a resistant is his own way, that the convictions and courage which have led these militants to fight is different, and take root in separate ways. The torturers are also identified characters, they clearly have strong characters, motivations and their own way of dealing with their terrible job – to inflict torture. 

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