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The Memorial

The Genesis of the Memorial
La Boisserie
Agrandir l'image La Boisserie
The Cross of Lorraine
Agrandir l'image The Cross of Lorraine

Much more than a traditional presentation of the man who launched the “Appeal of the 18 June” or of the first President of the 5th French Republic, the Memorial constitutes a true rendezvous with 20th century history and an encounter with Charles de Gaulle.
Considered as the pedestal of the Cross of Lorraine, the building takes in the character of Charles de Gaulle at the heart of modernity and in the landscapes of Colombey-les-deux-églises, which he had particular affection for.
It was in this village that he decided to settle with his family in 1934, and it was here that he made history by greeting the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

His family home, La Boisserie has been open to the public for several decades, but Colombey-les-deux églises has to be visited to gain a better understanding of his character.

The Memorial Charles de Gaulle, by fulfilling this role, adds to the remembrance of this most illustrious of Frenchmen.

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